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Uniformly Different

Walking around my West Village neighborhood recently on an autumnal Sunday afternoon I played a little game of "who is not wearing jeans?" and out of the approx. twenty people observed, was somewhat dismayed to realize that I could count only two and that one of those was in sweat pants. We all look so samey now, we might as well be wearing Mao suits. Not that I am against the idea of having a fashion uniform, certain individuals have made a name for themselves with a signature style that screams their name, and I applaud them for it. Here are a few of my favorites.

Dame Edith Sitwell1887-1964
Signature Style: Ornate "dressing gown", turban, rings
Edith Louisa Sitwell was born in 1887 to an aristocratic family and began writing poetry when she was about twenty. She complemented her marvelously Plantagenet looks with a combination of Pre-Raphaelite, Oriental, and Surrealist styles to create a specific look that included turbans, dressing-gowns and lashin…