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Wives. and. Girlfriends.

Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham, Germany 2006

W.A.G.S. - The massive celebrity status bestowed upon the wives and girlfriends of the country's top footballers is a particularly British phenomenon. During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, England's WAGS caused such a commotion they were blamed for distracting England's players and causing the team's early exit from the tournament. For the 2010 World Cup, England's manager, Fabio Capello, restricted the amount of time players could spend with family to such an extent that the WAGS stayed home in The UK when the team flew off to South Africa. As England's subsequent performance could only be described as lackluster, who or what will Capello find to blame this time??

Hello Magazine, Spring 2010

A guide to recognizing the WAGS

1. Victoria Beckham
The WAG previously known as Posh Spice needs no introduction. After husband David was side-lined earlier in the year with a foot injury Mrs Becks received major respect for takin…

Best and The Beautiful Game

George Best, 22 May 1946 – 25 November 2005

Sometimes it feels slightly bizarre to live in the only country on the entire planet whose menfolk don't live and die by their allegiance to a football club, like living life in a parallel universe, one that worships different gods as part of a very different religion. It's definitely worth reading Nick Hornby's autobiographical Fever Pitch about the author's undying love for Arsenal F.C. to get an idea of how intrinsically essential the game is to understanding British culture. It's not that I care so much about The Beautiful Game itself, back in my day, it was a boys-only affair. I went to an all-girls' school and played vicious games of netball (a sort of basketball) and hockey (on a field) during the winter months. Added to the fact that my local team, Northampton Town, (nicknamed The Cobblers), were notorious for two reasons. The first was for going from the 4th to the 1st division and back down to the 4th in co…