The Big Reveal

Marc Jacobs S10

Marc Jacobs is another designer with a fascination for emphasizing classic women's underthings. He styled his models with old-fashioned, satiny underwear over the clothes in Spring 08, a theme he repeated with gusto for Spring 10.

Marc Jacobs S08

Unless your name is Lady GaGa (who sported the look at the Ace Awards this month) you're probably not planning on wearing this look but let's revel in the fact that there is a current celebrity who does.

Marc Jacobs S10, Lady GaGa November 09

Runway shows aim to create a mood for the season and send messages about a designer's influences and future direction. Visible panty lines allude to freedom of expression, power and strength (Superman anybody?), and applaudable eccentricity (can't you just see the ladies of Grey Gardens prancing around the house with knickers on their heads?).

Vivienne Westwood 1982

It's not the first time a designer has shown this "bra-over-the-clothes" style. Vivienne Westwood is one of my all-time fashion icons. This outfit is from the Hobo Collection of the early '80s. I wonder if Marc Jacobs was referencing it in his own Collection?


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