The Queen Goes GaGa over GaGa as The Queen

Royal Variety Performance December 09

The Queen meets Lady GaGa December 09

Glenda Jackson in Elizabeth R, 1971

Cate Blanchett plays Elizabeth 1, 2007

Elizabeth 1 1533–1603

In Blackpool last week Queen Elizabeth II met Lady GaGa dressed as Elizabeth I. No, it's not a bizarre dream, it actually happened at The Royal Variety Performance, and here are the photographs to prove it! GaGa's red latex dress had a gorgeous ruff which made me long for one myself. When I googled, I found two things, first, that Suzie Bubble of Style Bubble (one of my favorite fashion blogs) was onto this trend two years ago and second, that she already did the research and found them at The Very Merry Seamstress.
British l'enfante terrible, Gareth Pugh showed ruffs for his infamous S09 collection in Paris.

Gareth Pugh S09

The Very Merry Seamstress, $50-$60

Another good looking ruff can be found at Clockwork Couture
and it's versatile too! It can be worn either of the ways shown here.

Cotton Ruff Collar from Clockwork Couture, $39

A modern/techno option, (it's PVC), similar in texture to GaGa's latex number is this ruff/necklace from jewelry designer, Jessica Dance, available at

PVC Ruff Neck-piece by Jessica Dance, $95

Nicolas Ghesquière showed several ruffled collars on blouses in his Balenciaga Collection for Resort 2010. He used them to give a romantic touch to a series of sportswear separates.

Balenciaga Resort 2010


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