Yummy Mummies and their Darling Daughters

Madonna and Lourdes 2009

Lily and Serena Van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

As you know, when Don and Doris Fisher named their stores Gap in 1969, it was a reference to the generation gap, a cavernous divide between teenagers and their parents so wide that the Fishers made a fortune from outfitting the young in a uniform of jeans and t-shirts that were emblematic of rebellion. Fast foward to 2010 and it's a different world. Female celebrities on both sides of the pond are taking their daughters as their dates to Red Carpet events. They are also spotted shopping together. As a consequence their styles complement each other rather than match. I have never had any doubt that Joan Crawford's daughter was telling it like it was in Mommie Dearest. why am I so certain? Just take a look at these Mother/Daughter photos of them in identical Tyrolean outfits!

Joan Crawford and daughter Christina in 1945

Yasmin and daughter Amber Le Bon, 2009

Lovely Yasmin Le Bon, wife of Duran Duran lead singer Simon has been photographed many times this year with her equally gorgeous daughter Amber. Art imitates life in Gossip Girl where Serena and mom Lily coordinate their styles when shopping together. Jerry Hall, along with the likes of Sharon Stone and Madonna is a poster woman for 50-is-the-new-36. She can often be seen out in the company of daughters Lizzie and Georgia. In fact Lizzie lives right next door.

Lizzie Jagger, Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger, 2009

And now a new generation of Jagger women has been hitting the headlines. Jade, Mick's daughter by Bianca had her children so young that even though she's only 38 they're now old enough to accompany her out on the town.

Amba Jackson, Jade Jagger and Assisi Jackson, 2009


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