Demure Couture

Dior, Couture S2010

Is high fashion about to do a 180 degree turn? If the Dior Couture S2010 show is anything to go by then it would seem so. Last season its designer John Galliano reveled in emphasizing the important role of lingerie in current fashion sending out half-dressed models wearing stockings with suspenders, corsets and basques. Many celebrities have embraced this trend with relish, eager to show-off Pilates-honed limbs and abs. Some have taken it to the extreme. Then along comes Galliano with an offering inspired by that most demure and modest female-only pursuit, riding side-saddle. Toward the end of the 19th century in what was still the Victorian age, women rode in a long bustled skirt, soft shouldered peplum jacket and a top hat with net veil. John Galliano's interpretation was faithful to the original while bringing in some wonderfully modern elements such as high heeled boots and opera-length gloves. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come for the F2010 season, just weeks away? It would certainly bring the high-end in line with a certain element of street known as Steampunk. I love this steampunk blog, Cogs and Togs

Dior, Couture S2010

Dior, Couture S2010

Equestrian print circa 1890

Donna Ricci,


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