Biba + Grunge + Edwardian = Ralph Lauren F2010!

Ralph Lauren F2010

Well here is something I didn't expect to hear myself say at the end of NY Fashion Week, I really liked Ralph Lauren's Collection for next Fall. I think it is because it reminded me of at least three of my "history of fashion" passions. First, Biba, the original lifestyle store/brand created by Polish-born Barbara Hulanicki and her husband Stephen Fitz-Simon in the Swinging London of the 60s and 70s. Second, the clothing style of the Grunge Movement of the early 90s (which at the time reminded me of the garb of British art school students) and third, Fin de siècle (turn of the century) Edwardian England/Art Nouveau/the Belle Epoch.
I am about the sell a huge collection of American Vogues dated from the late 80s and early 90s and it has been such fun wading through them all and finding iconic images and editorials. Here are a few pages from a fashion story in the December 1992 issue, photographed by Steven Meisel and styled by Grace Coddington.

Vogue Dec 1992

Twiggy in Biba


Edwardian ad, 1903


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