Head Start

Acne, Fall 2010

The Fall 2010 runway season has begun. Hip Swedish label Acne got a head start on the majors, showing a few days ago in London to great reviews from the press including that of Sarah Mower at Style.com who wrote, "The models who flew into London for the show had spray-painted foreheads and greasy glitter around their eyes and stomped onstage wearing cartoonish boots with Lego-like soles, dressed like some postapocalyptic alien militia." Also notable were the scarves wrapped around some of the girls' heads. Was it a political comment? Ironic that something which has for centuries been a custom of religious significance should now be at the center of controversy.
For their Christmas 08 issue Playboy Mexico stunned Catholics with their cover depicting the Virgin Mary dressed ONLY in a white head garb

Maria Florencia Onori, Playboy Mexico, Dec 2008

As a non-Catholic, some spectators were surprised by Michelle Obama's choice to don a dramatically long black veil to meet the Pope in July 2009 but naturally she did so with great panache. It was somewhat reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy's mourning attire.

Michele Obama in Rome, July 2009

Jackie Kennedy at JFK's funeral, December 1963

In an effort to improve relations between the police and Muslim communities, police women in certain counties of The UK have been issued veils to wear when visiting religious leaders. Muslim police officers are not only allowed to wear the full facial cover, there is a regulation version.

UK policewoman

Muslim policewoman in The UK

Finally, here is the Queen looking very stylish with a scarf covering her head when visiting a mosque during a trip to Turkey.

Queen Elizabeth II in Turkey, May 2008


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