Specially Made

Alexander McQueen,S2000

Alexander McQueen was renowned for his thought-provoking and often controversial runway shows. One of my absolute favorites was Spring 2000 when he sent double-amputee Aimee Mullins down the catwalk in a pair of hand-carved wooden legs and boots. What was the point? Did he have one? I only know what I take away from it myself and that is his extraordinary ability to find beauty in the most unconventional of places. In some cases, others follow years later and its true in this instance. There is now a reality show contest for models with disabilities including missing limbs. Alessandra Stanley wrote a great article in The New York Times about “Britain’s Missing Top Model” In it she ponders whether or not this show is a positive step forward or in the general acceptance of people with disabilities. One thing is for sure, McQueen drew the eye to a place where others often preferred to look away and once he had your attention, he kept it there.

Photograph by Nick Knight


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