Divorced, Beheaded, Died ...

...Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.
Readers of my blog will remember my Queen Elizabeth 1 obsession from last fall. Now it's the turn of her father, King Henry VIII. The eternally fascinating story of arguably Britain's most famous male monarch and the fate of his six wives continues on Showtime with the third series of The Tudors. The site has a random selection of merchandise from tee shirts and candles to swords and cloaks. Walking past Martin Albert Interiors on W19th Street the other day, I saw these striking chairs in the window, upholstered in linen embellished with the images of Henry and his wives, dripping with dayglo color and crystals. I tracked them down online to the Metropolitan Showtime House at Elledecor.com

Sylvie Guieysee’s portrait pillows of the king and his six wives whimsically dot the garden terrace by Piero Lissoni and Nicoletta Canesi.

Verily, home decor to lose your head over!


  1. HI Jayne,

    Love your blog- happy to have found it.

    I too am a Tudor fan, but not because of the show-instead because of author Phillipa Gregory. Totally obsessed with her books about their royal follies.

    I didn't catch last years Showtime Showhouse, but did go the year before and loved Laura Kirar's "Tudors" living room. She installed a confessional between the walls of her room and the townhouse's entrance hall-which was very cool!


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