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L-R Isabella Blow, The Alexander's Issie Rose, Alexander McQueen

Hilary Alexander from The UK's Daily Telegraph has reported the following, "A beautiful rose, a coral peach floribunda, became a dual fashion memento at (this year's) Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The rose was specially selected by the British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, before his untimely death earlier this year, to honour his mentor, the late Isabella Blow. Lee McQueen personally chose the rose, now named "Alexander's Issie", to pay tribute to his close friend, the international style icon and former fashion editor of Tatler, who committed suicide in 2007. "Alexander’s Issie" was presented to Blow’s sister, Julia Delves Broughton. Lee McQueen had been due to attend the show to see the rose launched, in honour of the woman who had bought his entire Central St Martins graduate fashion collection and championed his early career on the British fashion stage. Julia Delves Broughton said: "My sister, Isabella, was passionate and totally dedicated to fashion, but only her closest friends knew of her love of gardens, and in particular, roses. Their unique colour and beauty, combined with their thorny nature greatly appealed to her and to her distinctive eye. She would have been extremely honoured to receive this wonderful gift from her most beloved friend, Alexander." Cultivated by the sixth generation rose breeder, Colin Dickson, the coral peach floribunda was selected by McQueen after looking through hundreds of pictures. He felt "Alexander's Issie" reflected Blow's colourful personality, celebrating her love of fashion and opulent dressing."
Meanwhile over in Paris, the Fall 2010 Couture has begun with John Galliano presenting a gloriously unique collection in full bloom. Tim Blanks reported on,
" "It's the most inspiring teacher," said John Galliano, after a show that was a hymn to all things floral. Part of his research involved studying real flowers, spending an hour watching the light change on a parrot tulip, for instance. That partly explained the collection's wonderful colors, especially the vibrancy of the dégradé effects. You could attribute the rest to Galliano's contemplation of images by the two great flower photographers de nos jours, Irving Penn and Nick Knight. Dior himself obliged with the silhouette, a tulip shape that Galliano seemed to feel Mr. Christian had never really made the most of. He certainly sorted that out."


  1. I have to say Galliano is far from my fav designer but this has to be one of his most beautiful collection ever... so Dior 2010 and so unexpectedly fall.... Congrats John!
    Alex T


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