A Senior Moment

Apparently, two-thirds of the people to ever reach the age of 65 are alive today and it has at long last dawned on the consumer industries that this demographic might just well be as interested in fashion and beauty as anyone else. duh.

Lauren Hutton is most likely the best known working model in the 60+ age range. Here are some others. Carmen dell'Orefice has been modeling since 1946 when she was 15 years old!

Carmen dell'Orefice by Tim Petersen

Carmen dell'Orefice for Rolex

Daphne Self started her career 60 years ago and is still working at the age of 80, modeling for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana.

Daphne Self for Wunderkind

Nancy Ozelli is a divine, silver-haired 50 + model/actress

Nancy Ozelli

Last season I gave a shout out to UK High Street department store chain Debenhams for including a wheelchair-bound model in their advertising campaign. I applaud them again for using a trio of women over 40 in their Fall/Winter 2010 advertisements.

Caroline Josling, 52, Valerie Pain, 66, and Maxine Smith, 41

If you haven't already, check out Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style "Proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age" This blog that does a wonderful job of celebrating those seniors amongst us who dress with enough panache to rival the likes of Kate Moss. One of his favorite old ladies is Ilona Royce Smithkin, aged 90.

Iris Apfel born in 1921 calls herself a "geriatric starlet"

Iris Apfel

Born in 1934, Actress/model Gitte Lee, wife of actor Christopher Lee, is the epitome of mature style and grace.

Gitte Lee for Celine


  1. LOVE all of these! Such great style icons!

  2. What a fantastic blog post! Amen, sister! I'm 42, VERY soon to be 43, and I wouldn't change my age for anything (except more energy!). I love how my life and my experiences show in my face - just like Lauren Bacall, another grand dame, also says. :D LOVE IT!


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